We experienced local life along the Mekong Delta Vietnam for our last day in Saigon. We show you the best Saigon day trip that Vietnam has to offer, traveling by boat down the Mekong Delta and exploring a local Vietnam village along the way.

Our trip to the Mekong Delta Vietnam started with a 2 hour luxury van ride to a town called My Tho. Although we don’t normally take public tours, we arranged a small 6 person group tour with Vietnam Adventure Tours. Once we arrived in My Tho, we boarded a private boat to set sail down the Mekong Delta River. The 15 minute boat ride took us across the Mekong river to unicorn island where we explored a tourist area set up to mimic a traditional Vietnam Village. The activities on this island include: Bee Farm and Honey Tasting, Snake Holding, Coconut Candy Production, Chocolate Production, Snake Wine, and a Fruit Farm with traditional Mekong Delta music.

Next we got back on the Vietnam boat tour down the Mekong Delta to visit the area of Ben Tre. This is where we got to see a side of a more authentic Vietnam by boating down the river in a small sampan boat. This is one of the best things to do in Vietnam because you get to experience a world away from all development. We wish this part of the Mekong river tour was longer, as the small sampan boat ride was only 15 minutes long.

Next up on the Mekong Delta Tour was lunch which was included in our tour and very delicious. We were served a variety of Vietnamese food including fish, spring rolls, soup, rice, morning glory and prawns. The Vietnamese lunch was absolutely delicious!

When visiting Saigon Vietnam, we highly recommend you put a Mekong Delta Tour on your list of must do activities. Out of all the things to do in Saigon, this was one of our favorites! A quick 2 hour Saigon day trip away seems like a completely separate world apart from the hustle of Ho Chi Minh City.

If you’re interested in booking one of the best tours in Saigon, contact Vietnam Adventure Tours and request Van as your tour guide! The tour you see is the VIP Mekong Delta Tour with a luxury 7 person limo. Most Mekong tours start from $15 USD and go up to $80 USD for a public tour, and private tours are $80 USD per person and up. We hope you enjoyed our trip down the Vietnam Mekong Delta and if you have any questions please leave us a comment! We’d love to hear about your Vietnam travel or plans to visit the area.

Mekong Delta Tour:

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    Only USD 40 /car /10 hours (include driver & petrol)
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