Zack Snyder's Original 5 Film DCEU Plan | Man Of Steel, BVS & Justice League Parts 1-3 Breakdown

Zack Snyder’s Original 5 Film Plan For The DCEU | Man Of Steel, BVS & Justice League Parts 1-3 Breakdown. We discuss Zack Snyder’s original plan for the DC Universe.

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Man Of Steel

Ok so the first film as we know is Man Of Steel.

This set up Krypton as a society that was pretty much run by Rehoboam from westworld. At birth people were bred for a role in society and they had been genetically accepted to fill this predetermined position.

Upon the planet’s collapse Jor-El put the Codex in his son and also gave him free will which allowed him to be good or bad.

Pay attention to this because it comes up later but the whole idea of the codex allowing free will has big consequences down the line.

In the original plan of the film every Kryptonian was meant to be confirmed as being in a simulation body and that they completely lacked the ability to choose or differentiate from what the council of krypton had decided for them.

This element was dropped and certain aspects of Krypton were downplayed massively in the eventual release but as we know the movie showed Zod and Clark going head to head with the latter defeating him and the other Kryptonians.

He settled down with Lois, decided to be an example for the planet and they all lived happily ever after…well till the next movie.

Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman actually stuck very closely to the original way that we saw the film play out, however it also took some big differentiations.

Initially there was supposed to be big divisions amongst humanity over the Dark Knight and Man Of Steel. This led to them fighting in the middle of the film in which they almost killed each other.

This fight was reportedly removed from the final drafts and instead they only fought once at the end of the film. It was supposed to have Batman realising that he needed to discover a weakness for Supes as everything he threw at him just got destroyed.

Both did survive and in the cave Bruce had his Knightmare in which he saw his darkest fears come true. This was a world ruled by an evil superman that had turned to the dark side.

Barry had torn through space and time to warn him of this and the Anti-Life equatation which made him realise that he had to kill Superman.

However in the final battle he had a change of heart as we saw in the final cut and he decided against it.

Superman was always going to die fighting against Doomsday and the film was still going to end with his resurrection being teased.

Justice League

Jump to Justice League which, if you have even a passing interest in this stuff then yeah, you know it was meant to be quite a different film.

We still haven’t had a release of the Snyder Cut but the film that we did get did feel like it was a course correction at the time that steered massively from intended direction.

Maybe Warner Bros had their own Knightmare scene.

Anyway it’s a shame because what Snyder had sounded like it was really going to be something special.

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  • Check out our video on the insane details in Batman V Superman here –

    Heavy Spoilers June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • So basically Dc got "MOUSED", and the latter got praised from taking "INSPIRATION" from Dc.

    SirBounce ALot June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • now we know that the snyder cut is coming, does this mean there is still a chance for the 3 parts of justice league?

    The Boys June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Yeah seems awesome but also very small compared to marvel. Marvel manly had 3 movies per main character and we get 3 justice movies, superman movie, and a b v s movie, 5 movies were as marvel has about 30 also no info about the anticipating red hood movie and we have no idea what time line Batman is placed in, is Tim drake robin(red robin), is dick Grayson nightwing. So many cool plot lines and unanswered questions left untouched

    Cameron Law June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • So excited to Green Lantern and Zasham to join in Justice League. But Im expecting for more actions of flash because hes always running and pushing the enemy only and he is not punching the enemy. I want the same action from Man of Steel its like your watching the Dragon Ball Z. Too much destruction and all world are shaking in the fight scene between superman and Kryptonian soldiers.
    I like also the Batman v Super Man.
    But only the justice League I have a little dissapointments because I dont think that Stefenwolf is a strong villaine compared to krypton soldiers and doomsday they are more stronger than Stefenwolf.
    I hope they would bring back the same action from MOS and BvS.
    I hope Znyder read this my comment.
    Im a fan of DC

    Leah Carola June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • It kinda sounds like a greater version of civil war infinity war and endgame

    Bryan Barrios-Santaella June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • WOW!! This would've been awesome!!!

    Gain Gang June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • I would love to watch all this in live action 😍

    Syed Tauseef June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • If they did the tine travel thing they could’ve beaten marvel end game to it

    Klee Klee June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Jesus I wish we got this arc. What a fucking incredible journey that would have been.

    JBurnz001 June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • There were story telling issues but this vision really seems lit, hope we can still get it, esp now with the snyder cut

    Elijah Yong June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Wow so its should have been a great story

    R.P.G KURT June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Wonder Woman is the best cast choice ❤

    Pratik Raut June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • The biggest missed opportunity in the history of biggest missed opportunities

    Iron Fan June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • I thought Snyder said the anti-life equation was used to control Superman after Lois' death. But you're saying Superman was imprisoned because of no yellow sun and he was used to create the anti-life equation.

    metalore June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Freaking Warner Bros. They screwed us over. We could've had an awesome movie

    Omar Balderas June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Would have been great, different than Marvel but that's the point. Different from both but the story is the one that matters.

    BladedBishop June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • That codex plotline is a stroke of genius, I've never considered it coming back in such a relevant way.

    Kashif S. June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • That wouldve been great!

    Anthony Redden June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Sounds like BS

    Greg Squire June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Awesome, he wanted to sneak 12 movies into 5. Brilliant.

    Matias Valenzuela June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • They fucked up by rushing the whole thing by rushing all of the character development I get what they was trying to do, but overall sounds like a movie version of the video games, if they never rushed it they could’ve tied in Phoenix joker and Harley Quinn together and so much more but nooooo they just had to Fuck Shit up.

    Kevon Patterson June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • I lost faith in dceu.. but this brings this up again

    John Markz June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • I appreciate the insight on the what could have been. I am not completely familiar with all of the comic book scenarios surrounding this story line, although what you described sounds like a very entertaining movie(s). It seems that the unfortunate withdrawal of Snyder due to the passing of his daughter gave the studio the opportunity to take creative control and disrupt Snyder's vision. I wonder if the audience and critics response to the "Snyder Cut" will have any impact on Snyder possibly moving forward with his original story. What was described here sounds like an awesome DC Universe to me.

    Warner Designs June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • So pumped for Snyder Cut. I'll always believe that a solo Batman movie after MoS would've set BvS up much more cleanly. Show how he changed to the point he's at in BvS. Yeah Clark, you don't want to threaten this dude

    Andrew Kelly June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Snyder Cut makes Batman look WEAK, so weak that even Black widow and Hawkeye individually can finish Batman in a fight!! I believe Batman should be like Iron Man Rich, Badass, Awesome Gadgets, and most of all super Intelligent ETC
    Ironman fought all the villains and Co-Avengers but Batman (synders Batman) can’t even fight against Steppenwolf!!
    I know Synders Batman is suppose to be a real man without powers but c’mon isn’t the the DC world fake not real made up!! Synder Version of Batman Sucks

    I’m not talking about Snyders Cut I’m talking about Snyder’s version of the Batman! In Batman vs superman; just look at batman when he fights doomsday, he don’t do a damn thing against him, he just grunts and jumps around!! At the least Batman could have saved Lois from drowning and taken the kryptonite spear thrown it to doomdays and have Superman catch it and finish Doomsday just the way it happened!!

    Zack Synders Version of the Batman SUCKS

    Ralph Rodriguez June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Fear – Mankind
    Alienation – Atlantans
    Doubt – Amazon’s

    Ace of Geeks June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Holy shit….

    aleph mage June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Sounds a lot like End Game. Though this was probably planned first.

    Jim222001 June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Imagine a gruesome and cruel mad max style justice league movie (and with JunxieXL who composed for Fury Road!! ), something people have never seen in this genre and MCU would never have the guts to do

    Neil H June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • This sounds like a mess.

    DuderDude June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • People need . o understand something if i wanted a more superhero cartoonish world i would watch the animated shows and movies. When i watch a live action movie, i want them to feel and act like people would in the real world based on the circumstances they were facing. Its sad how studios think every movie has to tell a cetain formula. If snyder had gone the marvel way believe me as a dc fan i would have watched but not really enjoyed the movies but i like the dark gritty but yet still hopeful world snyder potrayed superman saved plenty of people but he didnt always have to have a smile on his face, batman was flawed for once instead of the mr perfect he always is, the master detective got played and he didn't know it, the invincible man almost gets defeated. so many great moments and then they killed it..dead

    Lekan Swansons June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • WB is so slimy, they literally took his vison for JL2 and made it into the animated Justice League: apokolips. Maybe with the Snyder cut finally being released maybe we’ll get these movies.

    Julian June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Weird that is sounds basically the same as Infinity War and Endgame…. Huh. And no don't attack me, I'm sure it was a coincidence. I'm just saying it's odd.

    Asher Ward June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • This would have been one of the darkest DC things ever put to film. I mean wow!! Darkseid captures Superman and gets the AntiLife Equation from the codex. Defeats the Justice League and New Genesis on Apokalypse; then uses the AntiLife Equation to conquer Earth. Then it gets really crazy as Superman escapes Apocalypse, returns to a defeated Earth and kills Darkseid only to take over in his place himself just because Lois died? All just so they can squeeze in an Injustice storyline into the film? Then Flash does a Flashpoint type move to change the past so this time around Lois lives, so now Superman stays a good guy. The Darkseid War takes place on Earth now because they didn't go to New Genesis; and Batman dies killing Darkseid in the end?

    I really don't think I would have liked this outcome. I am not a big fan of the Injustice storyline anyway. I am with everything right up until Superman goes bad in this story and time travel starts happening. That's when it gets really convoluted. I mean you are introducing a DC universe still and Batman dies off like 9 movies in? (MOS, BVS, SS, WWSOLO1, JL1, BATSOLO1, AQUA1, CYBRG1/TNTTAN1,FLSH1,JL2) And this is right after having killed Superman just 2 movies deep.

    Superman turns evil and blames Batman for Darkseid's victory?? Like how the hell is this Batman's fault?!? I feel like a change that could've been made is to say that the first victim of the AntiLife Equation should be Superman. Have him become a Bizzaro type Superman and make him become Darkseid's slave. Then send Barry to warn Bruce in the past with a 2nd message which instead sends past Superman to the future along with the kryptonite spear so future batman can use it to fight Bizzaro and past Superman can fight and defeat future Darkseid. Then have Batman die defeating Bizzaro. Causing past Superman to return to the past prevent Bizzaro being born. He can then gather the Amazon's, Atlantis, Earth, the Lanterns and New Genesis to help defeat Darkseid in the past. This time the story ends with all the heroes surviving and Superman delivering the last blow to defeat Darkseid.

    If you are going to force a convoluted time travel plot contrivance might as well have it end on a note where you don't need to spend even more movies trying to resurrect key figures.

    deomartinez77 June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • You spoiled me the JL 2 and 3. Feelsbadman.

    Khánh Nguyễn June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Man Of Steel is my favorite DC movie, that scene when he goes to the church and tells the priest he's the alien there looking for, I got chills from the priests reaction

    Jordie The Sinner Zilkey June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Thx god we got Batman v Superman and the flashbacks. Sjw fuck u

    Wet Werd June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • Would love to see this timeline!! Its perfectly laid out !!

    Chirag O June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • if his, snyder visions would have came into reality then it would have made marvel end game looked like not the only greatest superhero movie there is.

    Rain Lama June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • They pulled an Oliver Queen with this from the CW crisis. I would have done more than five films but oh well maybe we'll get something better

    Cordell Garrett June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply
  • I absolutely 110% would’ve love to see this! Dammit DC & WB ! Why couldn’t you let this visionary just do his thing ! Ugghhhh

    Creative Neil June 11, 2020 5:14 am Reply

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